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HealthCare Agency Set-up; Policy and Procedure

Setting up Healthcare Agencies like

  • MD RSA: Residential Services Agencies
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • MD-DDA: Individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities
  • DC-DDA Provider Services: Department on Disability Services
  • DC-RSA Provider Services
  • VA

Work with a trusted leader in Healthcare Agency Business to start-up and improve your agency.

Creating policies and procedures is essential for organizations trying to put their best practices in writing. Writing policies and procedures requires thorough planning and attention to detail. Effective policies save money and time, according to the Professional Development Center. The writer’s goal is to put into action a set of policies that are understandable, clear, and error-free. For the home health care industry, a policy manual should reduce misunderstandings and conflicts.

The state will review your healthcare policy and procedure manuals to assure you have passed the stringent test and that the requirements meet all of their standards. Everything is riding on your home care policy and procedure manuals being state-specific.


  • We write customized and guaranteed policy and procedure manuals to meet your agency’s Home Healthcare State and Accrediting Standards.
  • Our Policies and Procedure Manuals will help you with the licensing requirements or with improving your current business operations.
  • We also help in correcting errors or updating your policies and procedures.
  • We also provide you with Healthcare Consulting Services: Working with you until License is approved

Our Policy and Procedure Manuals are carefully tailored to include the following:

  • State licensing requirements for Ambulatory Care
  • Accrediting body standards
  • The services your agency provides
  • Your home care agency’s name
  • Your agency’s staff
  • Your business logo
  • Any other important information related to your agency